Shark-Zeus Meet Updated Info


Please note the following time changes:
  • Friday night, 13 and over session is still 4:30 warm up and 5:30pm start.
  • Saturday morning, 13 and over session is still 7:30am warm up with an 8:30am start.
  • Saturday afternoon, 11/12 session is NOW 2:00pm warm up with a 2:30pm start.
  • Saturday evening, 10 and under session is NOW 5:00pm warm up with a 5:30pm start.  This session should end by 7pm
  • Sunday morning, 13 and over session is NOW 7:00am warm and 8:00am start
  • Sunday afternoon, 11/12 session is NOW 2:00pm warm up with a 2:30pm start.
  • Sunday evening, 10 and under session is NOW 4:45pm warm up with a 5:15pm start.
  • The attached warm up assignments reflect the above changes.  This session should end by 7pm
  • However, we are asking all swimmers to provide their own timers and counters for the Senior 1500 freestyle (both Saturday and Sunday) AND Senior 400 Freestyle (Friday night).  
Senior 1500 freestyle and Friday night Senior 400 Freestyle:
  • We will get in as many heats as possible of the Senior 1500 freestyle. 
  • We should get all heats in on Saturday. However,  there will be some cuts on Sunday.  
  • No heat of the Senior 1500 freestyle will begin after 1:35 as we want to start the 11/12 session at 2:00pm
  • Refunds will be issued for swims that are cut. 
Wesleyan Pool deck and spectator Space:
  • NO CHAIRS ARE PERMITTED IN THE LOBBY, ON THE POOL DECK, hockey rink, or field house:
  • Parents may sit outside with their chair,  OR  in the hockey rink on the benches (no chairs), or on the lobby benches.
  • Weslyan has the right to make requests AND remove anyone from their facility.
  • Signs will be posted stating that Wesleyan rules supersede our meet announcements.
  • No spectators or swimmers will be permitted to congregate in the center of the front lobby of the Athletic Center. 
  • Only individuals with disabilities that cannot access to the stands will be permitted in the spectator viewing area (open space in front of the large window overlooking pool). 
  • Only swimmers and meet workers with proper credentials (administrative, coaches, officials, timers, and marshals) will be allowed on the pool deck


Scratch sheets:
Because the 11/12 and 10 and under sessions have a 30 minute warm up, we will need scratch sheets ina very timely fashion.  
  • Scratch sheets are due for the 13 and over session 30 minutes before the start time.  
  • Scratch sheets for the 11/12 and 10 and under sessions are due 10 minutes after the start of warm up.