PLEASE PARTICIPATE: Michigan Swimming Needs Your Feedback!

Michigan Swimming Program Development and Program Operations
June 7, 2015
Survey Announcement



Dear Members and Athlete Parents of Michigan Swimming:


Coming out of the Short Course Season this past March, it was clear we needed to again take a deeper look at the meet formats for our State Championships.  The meet evaluations, while generally supportive, indicated a need to evaluate and propose alternatives.   In meetings with the Technical Committee over the last few months, we found ourselves in need of your input.


During the rest of June, I would ask that you take a few minutes and answer a survey that we have put together for you – Athletes, Coaches, Officials, and yes, Parents of Athletes.  I would ask that you please answer the survey questions as direct as you can giving the best response you can.  It should not take too long.  If your athlete is young, please provide the general guidance as to the questions, but let them answer them the as to how they feel about the subject.


We will leave the survey up through June 30 and use the information over the next few months to propose a meet format to best meet our LSC and present that to the HOD / BOD for discussion and hopefully, the best possible alternative for our LSC.


Thank you in advance for your input and best of luck to your Long Course Season! 


Please use the following link to connect to the survey:



Mike Cutler
Program Operations and Program Development Vice Chair