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Message from the Coaches
Dear Seahawk Families,
We feel remise that maybe you do not understand some of the rules on the swim team!
While we may have 180 + swimmers, we know EVERY little face and EVERY name! And believe it or not, we know when they are and are not here!! Each and every one of them are equally important to us!
We need to know Tuesday (at the latest) prior to the meet if they will not be able to attend.  We can then comprise a list for the volunteers at Clerk of Course so they can pull the cards and not have to look for the children on Saturday morning!  ALL OF THIS IS DONE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILD!!!!
We enter in every swimmer always because plans sometimes change and you can always pull their cards on Saturday morning, but, you CANNOT enter them in once the events are entered into the computer system!! NO VOLUNTEER AT CLERK OF COURSE WANTS TO “SCRATCH” YOUR CHILD FROM AN EVENT!!! Thus knowing in advance is a huge help!!
Relays are earned by time! This is a huge privilege for the Athletes! When one child does not show up, they let down the three other swimmers.  If you know in advance your child will not be at the meet or you do not want them considered for relays, please let us know.  As stated earlier in the season, we put relays together on Wednesday mornings so we appreciate you letting us know prior to (of course we understand the unexpected).
There are several ways to communicate with us:
(1) Hand written note with details!
(2) Email Coach Janie: [email protected]; if you don’t get a “Thank you ��” I did not get it, so, try again!!!
(3) Through the Montclair Seahawk website, you can click on the "Contact Us" link to send us a message.
(4) Send a message via a friend
Thank you,
The Coaches