2014-15 WGB Club Awards

Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club Awards

for the 2014-2015 season

Congratulations to All our Award Winners!



Kelly Patrick Spirit Award: Most Enthusiastic:  Mia Terry & Cadence Hartland  


Coach Mary Anne

Cubs 1

Cubs 1 Most Improved – Rowen Nehring          

Cubs 1 Leadership -  Alyssa McCulloch         


Cubs 2

Cubs 2 Most Improved  - Simon Connell        

Cubs 2 Leadership  - Lydia Brown                  


Cubs 3

Cubs 3 Most Improved  - Luna Velasquez

Cubs 3 Leadership  - Zoe Benitah  


Cubs 4

Cubs 4 Most Improved – Avery Grace Workman   

Cubs 4 Leadership – Isla Hupe                              



Coach Shereen - Brown Bears

Brown Bears Most Improved  - Amelia Ford

Brown Bears Leadership  -   Alexa Mannen


Coach Corey - Black Bears 1

Black Bears 1 Most Improved – Kassua Dreyer

Black Bears 1 Leadership – Liam Simons


Coach Mary Anne - Black Bears 2 
Black Bears 2 Most Improved -Amelia Barrault
Black Bears 2 Leadership -Wesley Vangel


Coach Kat - Polar Bears

Polar Bears Most Improved- Liam Diamond

Polar Bears Leadership – Emma Boyd


Coach Kat & Head Coach Malwina - Kodiaks

Kodiaks Most Improved- Mackenzie Berry

Kodiaks Leadership- Rennes Lindsay


Head Coach Malwina - Silvertips

Silvertips Most Improved:  Luke Bakica

Silvertips Leadership: Dannica Nelson


Rookies of the Year  - Jaime Chown-Chaikel & Ming Huang 


Major Awards:


Ryan Downing Award 200IM Improvement 2014-15 – Emma Gau

Ryan Downing Award 200IM Improvement 2014-15 – Mael Pronovost


WGB Swimmer of the Year: Cassis Lindsay