Fenton at Ballwin Tuesday Logistics


Good evening!  Here are some logistics to help you out.

  1. We will be in touch via email, website, and Facebook if weather steps in yet again.
  2. NO morning practice the days of meets.
  3. Please bring warm clothes and extra towels even if it is hot during the day because swimmers get cold in the evenings.   Snacks and electronics that like water are welcome. :)
  4. Directions:
  5. TSHIRTS!  Will be available for pickup at the meet tomorrow night.  Please find the Laurie's by our tent.   We will only give the shirts to a parent and NOT your swimmers.  Please stop by during the meet. 
  6. Event Entries for your kids tomorrow including Event, Heat, and Lane
  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE commit your swimmers for our upcoming events.  We need this 7 days in advance so we can complete a full roster for the meet.  Our next meet is Thursday JULY 2nd.  If you are not signed up to swim above, then we might not have known if you could swim.  Changes at the meet keep us there longer.  Please help us out by filling in this information for the remaining meets. 
  8. How to write names and events on your swimmer and how to commit to a meet:
  9. Warm ups begin at Ballwin at 5:15… Parking will be full by then.  Ballwin has a SMALL parking lot and auxiliary parking is NOT close.  Try the neighborhoods nearby. 
  10. We are working to reschedule last weeks meet.  No details yet. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but as folks remind me I will send out more information.



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