Pictures, Tarnsfield, Towel

  We have a generator powering the pool now so we will be able to have practice tomorrow along with pictures.

12 and up should report at 8am and everyone else should report at 9:15am. We're trying to take the group photo at 9:30am.
Everyone that signed up for the breakfast should still plan on bringing their dish. We do not have power at the pavilion though, so please don't bring anything that requires electricity to cook.
If you need to use the charcoal grill, let me know because I have spare lighter fluid and charcoal.
If you have not yet signed up to bring something to the breakfast, this is Maria's email: [email protected]
Tomorrow is also a good time to purchase your tie dye towel. The order is due on Monday.
As Coach Skinner mentioned, we are postponing the meet vs Tarnsfield. We are strongly considering Friday July 3rd.
I know this may be an issue for those of you that are working or taking vacation so let me know if you can't work around it (especially if you are starter/ ref certified).
Still have a long way to go with clean up.
Hopefully we'll see AC electric trucks pulling in soon.
Thanks for reading.