New Officials

 Good Day!

 As you are all aware the need for officials is great and many of our meets are running without proper coverage.  In order to correct this issue, we have to actively recruit to find new parents willing to get involved and start officiating.

 Attached please find a one page recruiting flyer that will be posted on the Gulf Swimming website. It will also be sent to the Meet Directors of the July meets to hopefully get placed in the meet programs.  We encourage each team to also post on your team site if possible.  The flyer is generic, not team specific and will hopefully at least help get the word out there about the need for additional officials.
Over the upcoming months I will be attempting to get an existing official, one that is attached to each team, to assist with the recruiting process and guide new officials for your team.  Nothing works better than an existing parent convincing a fellow parent into helping out.   
Once I have found someone for your team specifically, I will email you to confirm so you know who that person is.  If you prefer to provide the name of a parent that you feel would be productive in this role please do not hesitate to let me know.  This parent will not be handling the training of officials but with my guidance, be able to walk new parents through the start up process so they do not feel overwhelmed and give up before they get started.
The team policy on payment of the USA Swimming registration fees and background checks is up to each team.  I am hopeful that over the course of the next 6 months we can get a representative in place for most teams and you can communicate your instructions that are team specific regarding this policy to your parent representative.
Until I am able to get an "Officials Recruiting Representative" in place for your team, new officials will be guided by myself but instructed to contact the team directly for assistance with the registration payment policy.
Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above.  I am very hopeful that we can all see an increased number of parents agreeing to start the process to become an official.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you all on deck soon!
Best Regards
Andrea Walin