Board Nominations - Due by July 13th


Happy Monday Morning everyone,  


It is hard to believe, but  its  already come to that time of year where we are actively seeking nominations for the following Swim Team Board positions:

1.      Vice President 

2.      Board Secretary


All Board positions are a two year commitment.  Elections for Board position are staggered so that newly elected Board members have the opportunity to join a team comprised of both new and experienced members.  


Descriptions of the Board positions open for nominations are provided below.


Vice President: (Outgoing VP: Mark Luginbill)

A.  Manage team(s) to comply with league rules.

B.  Ascertain and oversee Committee Chairs to ensure that committee responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner.

C.  Assist Team President in identifying Head Coach and coaching staff as well as preparing draft of coaching contracts.

D.  Prepare with the Team Treasurer an annual budget specifically relating to committee expenses/revenues for the Team.

 NB: The Broadlands Swim Team Vice President will serve 1 year as the VP and the second year becomes the CSL Team President


Team Secretary (Outgoing Secretary: Tracie Buckley):


A.    Record minutes at Team Board Meetings.

B.    Responsible for the Team correspondence as necessary.

C.    Maintain copy of the Organization Constitution and Organizational By-Laws.

D.    Post Board and General Membership Meeting minutes and annual Budget on the Swim Team website and/or distribute to the general membership via email.

E.    Prepare registration forms and conduct registration process

F.    Prepare Parent Handbook for distribution at the annual General Membership Meeting and/or posted on the website.

G.    Perform Presidential duties in the absence of the Team President.



This is a great opportunity to become more active in the running of the team or , alternatively, if you know someone who you think would do a sterling job please nominate them and they will be contacted. 


Nominations should be submitted to our elections coordinator, Annie Schleyer ([email protected]).  She will be accepting nominations through Monday 13th July so don't delay in getting a name in there.  All names will remain confidential, including those who nominated someone else.


Annie will reach out to all those nominated and ask if they accept the nomination and wish to be considered for the position. In the event of more than one accepted nomination per position, we will then look to an election. More news will follow if that applies.


If you have any questions about these positions, please contact the outgoing Board member for more information. Otherwise, please submit your nominees to the elections coordinator  Annie Schleyer  ([email protected]).


We look forward to receiving all the nominations, and as always, thank you all for your support.