JAWS Parents Update


I wanted to fill all parents in on an incident that happened at practice Tuesday. JAWS coaching staff notified a male school staff member that girls were using the locker room. The male school staff member was observed exiting the locker room a short time later. JAWS staff quickly confirmed the girls were still inside and ok.

Our Coaches observed the behavior and notified the JAWS Board. I notifed school personell who in turn followed up with school administration. Both Principal Rollefson and School Superintendent Gerlach were at practice today. They assured us administration is taking this very seriously and dealing with it "aggressively". We have been told this behavior was very inapropriate. The investigation is on-going but they assured us that we do not have to worry about it happening again.   

Please feel free to contact me with any questions 920-253-1423 or [email protected]