Sharks Win!


Great work yesterday!  Sharks win over Ellisville 367 to 293.   Could never have done this meet with all the dedicated parents pitching in and helping to make the night a success.  Thank you!  We apologize for the lights going out… was checked twice and RiverChase management is working today to ensure we don't have that problem next week at our meets Monday and Wednesday. 

Meet results are posted on Team Unify, or you can see the results in this pdf.  Thank you to our fantastic computer reps to keep this running smoothly even under the lights of a phone :)

Girls:  Fenton: 187 to 146

Boys: Fenton: 180 to 147


Results by Heat:

I'm sorry I don't have dive results, but they will be posted as well.

Thank you to Menchies & Chick-Fil-A for a fun food experience!  We will make sure to have more next week to cover the rapid sale on these items. 

Please don’t forget we have a meet on Monday.  We will send the roster as soon as we get it worked out with Chesterfield. 

Great job Sharks!  Have a fantastic & safe 4th of July!

Your Coaches & Parent Reps