Age Group Restructure Summary


Loggerhead Aquatics Age Group Restructure: A Multi-Athlete Opportunity

In an effort to provide more quality programming for our community, the Loggerhead age group program has restructured to provide schedule flexibility for the multi-sport athlete and a fun technique based environment.

Our current All Stars and Bronze group has combined to a new program structure known as “Olympic Development”. Our new Olympic Development group will provide 2 practice options with 3 progressive learning groups.

Option 1: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (4:45pm-6:00pm)

Option 2: Tuesday, Thursday (4:45pm-6:00pm) and Saturday (10:45pm-12:00pm)

***There is no practice requirement; however our coaching staff recommends a minimum of twice a week.

Learning Group Descriptions

Olympic Development Level 1- Students are learning the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke skills and progressions. Our current All Star swimmers will transition into this group.  

Olympic Development Level 2- Students should have a comprehensive understanding of freestyle, backstroke and underwater skill development. Students will begin learning breaststroke components with underwater skill development. Our current Bronze swimmers will transition into this group.

Olympic Development Level 3-Students will have a comprehensive understanding of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and underwater skill development. Students will begin learning butterfly, transition skills, Individual medley and interval training. Our current Bronze swimmers will transition into this group.

***Swimmers in our silver group will may also be reevaluated and placed into our level 3 program to enhance their long term development.

Swim Meet Experience

Students in the Olympic Development group will ONLY participate in developmental meets with the aim of creating a more dynamic environment for our members. The timeline will be limited to 2.5 hours. Students will end their season with a USA Swimming Championship meet.

Quarterly Seasons

Fall season- August 10th-December 13th (Championship meet- B Championships)

Spring season- December 14th-March 17th (Championship meet- Area 1-4 Championships)

Summer season- March 22-July 28th (Championship meet- Area 1-4 Championships) Swimmers may also compete in summer league competition.


Evaluation Process

Loggerhead members will begin the evaluation process and group placement during July 6th-27th. Coaches will begin evaluating swimmers skills during practice and a group placing will be established based on the coaches observations.

We are requesting parents to send a quick email [email protected] and give the following information.

  1. Students first and last name

  2. Select Schedule Option 1 or Option 2

  3. Current practice group

On August 3rd- August 6th at 5pm-7pm, we are holding open evaluations to the community for anyone interested in becoming a member of loggerhead aquatics.  Spread the word to your summer league friends about this opportunity! Space will be limited.


Option B: Stroke School

Stroke School is a once a week clinic which specializes in teaching the components of the stroke in a non practice environment. Learning technology such as IKKOS and underwater filming will be implemented to enhance the learning experience.  Stroke School will have limited participates at 10 per session with 2 Stroke Doctors.

Clinics will be at the aquatics center on Saturdays 12:15pm-1:30pm. Session 1 will begin September 5th and ends November 28th.

This program will benefit the following participants:

  • Swimmers who are looking for a non-competitive option due to a mulita sport commitment.

  • Competitive swimmers who are looking for additional feedback and stroke development.


Option C: Stroke Doctor Lessons (Private and semi private)

Stroke Doctor lessons are customized to the individuals needs and unique learning style. Every lesson will include an extensive individual analysis with comprehensive technology aiming to reinforce skills and confidence.

Email Head Age Group Coach Shawn Delifus at [email protected] for questions or feedback.  

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