Hello Lake Sharks,

Soar Caps:

Our pure silicone “Soar” caps are available now for purchase in the office. The cost of the cap is $10. (see attached pict)


Tie Dye:

This Friday at 11am is the towel tie dye event. We will be hosting it on sites P22-P24 (Next to the pines bathroom, directly down the campground  road from the pool).

For everyone that is participating in the event, you will need to bring a plastic bag.

I ordered a few extra towels for desperate parents that did not purchase a towels and find themselves desperately needing one the day of the event.

Lake Shark Logo Towels that are purchased at the event will cost $24.


Peach Bowl:

Peach Bowl’s hosts appear to be having some technical difficulties with the shirt ordering.

Here are the new instructions for ordering shirts as copy pasted from Gibbstown’s rep’s email:

Good Afternoon Team Reps,
Purchasing shirts:

  1. Log in using the team rep user name and password.
  2. Order their merchandise
  3. Put their credit card information and their EMAIL address in.
  4. They will receive conformation by email.
  5. T-shirts will be sorted by email.

My email is [email protected] and my password is ilovelakekandle