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July 7 Weekly Reminders and Updates

This week's meet is sponsored by Beitzell Fence Company.


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All the meet information can be found on the Sharks website.  Click on ‘About Us’ and look for Pool Location, Pool Layout and Visiting Team Info

The meet timeline is as follows:

6:10AM - 6:30AM - Dominion Valley warm-ups

6:30AM - 6:50AM - Brookside team's warm-ups

6:30AM - Stroke and Turn Officials' meeting

6:45AM - Timers' and Recorders' meeting


We are moving the spirit night activity to Thursday night due to the expected rain and thunderstorms coming Wednesday.  We will still have scheduled practice on Wednesday night, a separate message will come out Wednesday if we need to cancel practice.  Hotdogs will be served on Thursday night.  If you are at the pool on Wednesday and can pick up some brownie mix to bake for Thursday night please ask if there is any left.

See you on deck

Go Hurricanes !!!