ECI is this weekend. Here is the information you need if you are planning to attend.

  • Please arrive by 7:30 am on 7/11 and 7/12
  • You must sign in your swimmer each day when you arrive to the pool
  • You must check in with Ronnie to get your work schedule each day

Set-up: If you are interested in setting up your family spot in our team area on Friday, you can do so beginning at 10am.  Please remember that you can only leave the frame of your canopy and it must be staked down.

Parents’ and Coaches’ relays: There are relays for coaches and parents at the conclusion of the meet on Sunday. If you would like to participate, please see Ronnie Caniezo to get signed up. Don’t forget your suit!

Other: Please be advised of the following rules:

  • No dogs and/or other pets are allowed at this event in any area (includes pool area, team areas and all common areas of meet). Please keep your pets at home this weekend.
  • No barbeques, propane and/or any similar cooking devices can be used on the college campus.

DIrections:  ECI, Los Medanos College, Pittsburg

Hwy. 4 east to Loveridge Rd. exit. Turn left on East Leland. College is on the right. Closest parking is in the dirt lot. Pool is in the fenced in area adjacent to the lawn.


ECI SURVIVAL TIPS- by Coach Alisa:

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to "ECI Survival 101", 2015.  I want to start by saying how excited the coaching staff is about this coming weekend.  Personally, this is my favorite meet of the year because there are always SO MANY best times accomplished there!  It's a fast pool, good competition, parent/grandparent cheerleaders, and a lot of "big meet" excitement, just for starters!  

There is just a little bit of "house keeping" that I feel is important to take care of in order to help our swimmers and parents have the success we hope for.  It is notoriously hot at Los Medanos College mid July, so we have a few suggestions to make it a little easier to tolerate, and to stay hydrated.  Below is a collection of thoughts from coaches, parents, and swimmers alike that we feel will help us all get through the weekend with smiles intact.

For starters, things to pack:

1.  Fruits, such as grapes, blueberries and pineapple make for great FROZEN snacks.  Orange slices, melon, and mango also fare well in a cooler.

2.  Frozen Capri Suns packed in the bottom of an ice chest help keep everything else cold, they are great as popsicles, AND the ones that survive the snack process are usually still cold for the ride home.

3.  Freeze half bottles of water, and then fill them in the morning.  The frozen core helps keep the water colder, longer

4.  Flip-flops for walking around the pool area.  The ground gets really HOT, and the walk to Clerk-of-the-Course can be extremely uncomfortable for the little ones.

5.  Activities for "shade play".  Cards/card games, books and magazines, board games, beading, coloring, Mad-Libs, etc.... are all great ideas to keep swimmers occupied between races.  (Try Michael's bargain bins for more ideas)

6.  Electronic devices such as ipods, ipads, and portable DVD players are great ideas.  HOWEVER, please encourage swimmers to keep track of their belongings.  

Our team area is open and accessible to a lot of people.  We are flanked by other teams, and there are lots of seeking eyes walking through the area.  There usually is not a big problem, but occasionally items go M.I.A., including CAPS AND GOGGLES!  So please encourage swimmers to put important items inside swim bags while they are left unattended.

A few "please don't-s" to make the weekend easier on parents and coaches alike:

1.  PLEASE no squirt guns, Frisbees, footballs, or other items that encourage running and/or chasing through the hot, Hot, HOT sun.

2.  Be tasteful with the "body art".  Help our swimmers understand the importance of representing our team well with respectful body art.  We are usually required to write certain information on the back shoulders and hands of swimmers, and too much "Eat My Bubbles" may cause confusion at Clerk-of-the-Course and may lead to missed races.

Once again, I want to say how EXCITED we are as a coaching staff!  I think this weekend will prove to be the busiest, craziest, most successful ECI EVER!!!  I am personally looking forward to all of the time achievements that typically come out of this meet.  Parents, quiz your swimmers a little bit about their upcoming swims.  Ask them to tell you about what they've been working on, and the things they have to remember to do in order to have a successful race.  The more time they spend thinking about success OUTSIDE the pool, the more natural the event will take place INSIDE the pool. 


Coach Alisa