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Meet #4 at Dominion Valley


This week's meet is sponsored by Beitzell Fence Company.

Dominion Valley does not sell heat sheets if you want a program print this, Heat Sheets:  Meet Program, and bring it with you.

This weeks meet is AT Dominion Valley.  Use this link to find directions and views of the pool configuration.  Please plan arriving at 6:00am as the parking situation has us parking in the shopping center across the street and the walk over takes a few minutes to navigate.

The meet timeline is as follows:

6:10AM - 6:30AM - Dominion Valley warm-ups

6:30AM - 6:50AM - Brookside team's warm-ups

6:30AM - Stroke and Turn Officials' meeting

6:45AM - Timers' and Recorders' meeting

Relay Organization: Getting relays together at away meets is more hectic than at home. I would like all of the 10 & unders to report to the relay organization area IMMEDIATELY after 10 & under warm up is over. I will announce where the organization area is before warm-up.

7:00AM - Start the meet


During the meet we will be taking a 15-20 minute break as the Dominion Valley Country Club will be hosting a wedding.  Sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 we will be taking this break, during the break please be respectful of the wedding and try and keep the noise level down.  Dominion Valley has an 8 lane pool and the time line for the meet with the break still has us completing the meet before 12:00.


If you have any trouble with the links in the email this news item can be found on the home page of the website under News (Meet #4 at Dominion Valley)