Bennington vs. Manchester Results

The Bennington Marauders went up against the Manchester Tritons on Tuesday, July 7th at the Bennington Recreation Center. While the Marauders were outnumbered, they managed to hold their own. Placing in the top 3 for the Marauders was:

Catherine Bitteker: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 3rd-25 free, 2nd-50 free

Kendal Madison: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 1st-25 free, 1st-25 fly, 1st-25 breast, 1st-50 free

Logan Parizo: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 3rd-25 fly, 34rd-25 back

Abigail Foster: 1st-100 Medley Relay

Elianna Wilkins-Brownell: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 3rd-25 back, 1st-100 Free Relay

Elyse Altland: 1st-100 Medley Relay,1st-100 IM, 1st-100 breast, 1st-25 breast, 2nd-50 free, 1st-100 Free Relay

Meghan Barilone: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 1st-25 free, 2nd-25 fly, 2nd-25 breast, 3rd-50 free, 1st-100 Free Relay

Shay Callanan: 1st-100 Medley Relay, 2nd-25 free, 1st-25 back, 1st-100 Free Relay

Savannah Robson: 3rd-200 Medley Relay, 2nd-100 breast, 3rd-50 back, 3rd-100 free, 2nd-200 Free Relay

Phebe Hall: 3rd-200 Medley Relay, 2nd-50 free, 2nd-100 back, 1st-50 back, 1st-50 breast, 2nd-200 Free Relay

Grace Burhans: 3rd-200 Medley Relay, 2nd-50 fly, 1st-200 free, 1st-50 back, 1st-100 free, 2nd-200 Free Relay

Jordan Barilone: 3rd-200 Medley Relay, 3rd-100 free, 2nd-200 Free Relay

Zach LaForest: 1st-200 Medley Relay, 1st-50 free, 1st-50 fly, 1st-100 back, 1st-100 free, 1st-200 Free Relay

Morgan Flynn: 1st-200 Medley Relay, 3rd-50 free, 1st-100 breast, 1st-50 breast, 2nd-100 free, 1st-200 Free Relay

Nolan Byer: 1st-200 Medley Relay, 1st-50 free, 1st-100 back, 1st-50 back, 1st-100 free, 1st-200 Free Relay

Anthony Mazzola: 1st-200 Medley Relay, 1st-100 breast, 1st-50 fly, 1st-50 breast, 1st-200 Free Relay

Nathan Younce: 1st-100 IM, 2nd-25 free, 1st-25 fly, 2nd-50 free

Camden Madison: 1st-25 free, 2nd-25 fly, 1st-25 back, 1st-50 free

Ethan LaForest: 2nd-50 back, 2nd-100 free

Also swimming and posting best times for the Marauders was: Greta Bitteker and Isabel Mazzola.

The Marauders will compete again on Tuesday, July 14th at home.