Coach Patton out of town/Practice goes on

Coach Patton will be out of town July 11 until the afternoon of July 16.  He will be coaching the meet at the U. of Minnesota this weekend and then he will be heading to Milwaukee to assist his mother in moving into an apartment.

While Coach Patton is gone Coaches Michel, Ben, and Nicole will be leading all practices.  We are starting our push into the championship portion of the season and practices may be done a little earlier as the month goes on.  Next week, expect practices to finish around the same time as usual.  The following week some swimmers may be done a 1/2 hour early if they are competing in the MRC or State Championships.  Those not going to those meets will have a normal practice schedule.

Coach Patton may still be reached via email and through his cell phone.  Thank you for your hard work and patience and please let us know if you have any questions.


Your NSSC Coaching Staff