Peach Bowl Volunteers, Towels, Super Shirts

Peach Bowl Volunteers
Towel Pickup
Super Lake Shark Shirt Order
Team Picture Pickup 

Congrats to the team for a great team win yesterday. 
Here's today's announcements:

Peachbowl "Volunteers"

I have volunteered the following parents for jobs at Peach Bowl. If you are unable to work your job, it is your responsibility to find a replacement (or ask me to).
To sign somebody else up without me, go to 
username: [email protected]
pass: ilovelakekandle
click "undo" next to your name (password for undoing yourself is "undo")
Stroke and Turn:
Gary Sigmund
Wally Evans
John Rauch
Carl Giardinelli
Frank Hagerty
Team Parents (seek and deploy)
Kirsten Cristinziani
Kristin Pancoast
Jenifer Bernstein

Tie Dye Towels:

If you purchased a tie dye towel and were not at the event, please stop in the office to pick up your towel.
According to my list it should be the following:
Jodi Bruno
Marie Onyeani
Stefani Venuti
Emily Asztalos (unsure if someone did this for you guys)

Super Lake Shark Tees:
There have been a few parents and swimmers that are very passionate about the opportunity to purchase a Super Lake Shark Tee.
If you would like to, please email me immediately and I'll try and get them done by Peach Bowl if I can satisfy the minimum order.



If you ordered team pictures, they are available in the office.
Stop in to pick them up.