Fenton at Crestwood Meet Today


Good morning!  Some housekeeping…

  1. Work assignments available…for prelims and finals.  Please sign up so we don't need to deposit your work assignment check.  If you are ok with us depositing your check, please let us know. 
  2. We need to know your commitment for the Year End Banquet Sunday July 26th 1-3pm.  Please put in the family members in the notes field. 
    1. This is the only way we can order enough /not too much food.  We will have Pizza, Cookies, Drinks, and Ice Cream to celebrate a great year together!  Pool time afterwards will be games & leisure time to relax and have fun with your friends. 


Our Meet tonight is against Crestwood at WhiteCliff park.  Parking is not horrible…but we are both 200+ swimmer teams. We are in a heat advisory with a high of 97 today and a heat index of 107.  Welcome back summer!  DRINK LOTS OF WATER & Gatorade!!! 


Boys Entries:

Girls Entries:


Sorry no heat sheet was sent… we will need to purchase these from Crestwood… bring small bills. :)


Best of luck to all the Sharks!


Your Coaches & Parent Reps