Cal State Games estimated timeline

Meet begins at 9:00
session 1 approximately 1 hr 35min of swimming + awards approximately 1 hr 10min
session 2 will not start before 11:45  approximately 1 hr 15 min of swimming + awards approximately 1 hr 10 min
session 3 will not start before 2:00 pm with an actual estimate of 2:10.  There are only 3 races to be swum in session 3 they will be spaced out 10-12 minutes
with awards session 3 is estimated to be over by 3 pm.

We will run the meet and awards at a pace to enhance the experience for the swimmers, if this results in taking a little more time than the estimates, please realize that they are only estimates and our priority is a great experience and not a priority to rush to meet the estimated timeline.

thank you

Coach Dave