Sharks WIN over Crestwood!


The results are finally in!  Sharks 363, Crestwood 299.  Way to go Sharks! 

Results:[email protected]%20crestwood.pdf

Results by Heat:[email protected]%20crestwood.pdf

Results will be updated on the web site as soon as we can get that sorted. 

Looking Forward:

Prelims are in the MORNING!   That is different for those who have not done this before.  Adults, Bring coffee!  If everyone makes their work duties this should be very smooth.  However we do not have many alternates.  Please consider pitching in. 

Finals are Thursday EVENING!  This runs like a normal meet, but faster because there are less heats overall.  We do have NINE open positions for work assignments.  Please consider helping us out!  We cannot do this without you!

Thank you Volunteers!

Being a Swim & Dive Team parent requires a HUGE commitment.  Did you know swim & dive team requires more parent involvement than any other sport?  I cannot think of another sport that requires roughly 1,731 volunteer hours just to make it happen.  We could never do this without you!  Way to go parents!

Volunteer hours break down estimate:

Administrative: 556 hrs

Away Meets: 298 hrs

Home Meets: 558  hrs

Dive Meets: 80 hrs

Prelims: 122 hrs

Finals: 117 hrs

Totals: 1,731 hrs



Your Coaches and Parent Reps