Prelims are HERE!


Prelims are in the MORNING and early at Manchester!   Checkin starts at 6:15AM.  Warm ups start sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 for the Fenton, Kirkwood, Manchester, and Webster.  The meet starts at 7:30AM. 


Prelims are individual events only (no relays) so things move a little faster.  Also there is our bullpen and a conference bullpen to organize the swimmers before going over to the pool.    That is different for those who have not done this before.  Adults, Bring coffee!  If everyone makes their work duties this should be very smooth.  However we do not have many alternates.  Please consider pitching in. 

Monday is for Olders only:

Fenton Boys:

Fenton Girls:

Fenton Bullpen Heatsheet (they want you to purchase the combined heat sheet):


Tuesday is for Youngers only:

Fenton Boys:

Fenton Girls:

Fenton Bullpen:


Practice Schedule this week:

Monday- ONLY youngers from 7-8pm/ Olders have the night off

Tuesday- Practice from 7-8pm combined for swimmers who made finals

Wednesday- Practice for everyone that qualified for Finals (youngers 7-8, olders 8-9) NOTE: I have to talk with the other coaches  about a potential morning practice this day

Thursday- Finals in the evening


Finals are Thursday at Webster Groves in the Evening as normal.  Be there for warm ups around 5PM.  Meet starts at 6PM. 

WE ARE STILL SHORT ON WORKERS and HAVE 9 OPEN WORK ASSIGNMENTS for FINALS!  Please help us out so we can have a meet. 

Hopefully that covers it.  I'm sure I missed something.  Please feel free to let me know.


Your Coaches & Parent Reps.