Weekly Warrior Update - Week of July 20-24
A few reminders for this week July 20 - July 24:

Monday - 9-10am practice for all City swimmers

Reminder: Banquet RSVP's due tomorrow! Payments must be received at the pool or 3552 Scottsdale Circle.

Tuesday – 9-10am practice for all City swimmers

Wednesday - 9-10am practice for all City swimmers

Thursday - 9-10am practice for all City swimmers

City Pasta Party Poolside - Thursday, July 23rd  5 - 6:30 pm Pasta and Poster decorating.  Free for City swimmers and their families!

PASTA DINNERS & PARADES: A pasta dinner is served at the White Eagle Club pool the evenings before the Classic and City Championship meets. Team spirit is rampant,  posters are made for hanging in the team area at the championship meet. Afterwards, we all parade around the big White Eagle circle honking and cheering for our team. *Due to time restrictions, PLEASE decorate cars at HOME before arriving

Friday – 9-10am practice for all City swimmers

Friday July 24 - Saturday July 25th – NCS City @ Metea Valley High School  (separate email with more details will be sent to families of City swimmers) If you have any changes - please email Coach Lauren ASAP

Sunday, July 26th -  End of Season Banquet - RSVP event  - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the White Eagle Golf Club

As always, please email ([email protected]  for team/admin related questions or Coach Lauren [email protected]  for practice/meet related questions)

Thanks and have a great week!