2015 Age Group Zone Team Finalized

The 2015 Snake River Age Group Zone Team was finalized at the Summer Champs Meet. The members of the team are :

10 & Under Girls
Kayla Wieckowski - Streamliner Aquatics

11-12 Girls
Edie Johnson - Boise Y Swim Team
Anna Tindall - Nampa Swim Team
Molly Jacobson - Streamliner Aquatics

11-12 Boys
Randon Hall - Boise Y Swim Team
Gabe Machado - Boise Y Swim Team
Paul Schutt - Streamliner Aquatics
Timothy Wong - Boise Y Swim Team

13-14 Girls
Tahis Ibanez - Voltage Aquatics
Isabel Swafford - Boise Y Swim Team
Ciera Nasso - Boise Y Swim Team

13-14 Boys
Ian Clifford - Streamliner Aquatics
Nathan Esplin - UN Boise Y Swim Team

Team Manager - Joan Wong - Boise Y Swim Team
Team Coach - Mike Lewellyn - Boise Y Swim Team

The Team will compete in the Western Zone Age Group Championships August 5-6-7-8, 2015. Some members will also compete in the Open Water Championships on Sunday August 9. The meet will be held in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.