Calling All Volunteers !

I’m going to say it, we have some of the most dedicated volunteers in the league !

I can also say this is the last time (sort of) that I will beg for volunteer this season.

(I will need volunteers at the All-Stars meet)

I know some of you have done 8, 9, even 10 jobs and you are very much appreciated.

I hate to ask, but what else can I do. We are desperate for tomorrow. It’s our last meet and volunteer spots have just opened up. We must provide the required positions to participate in the meet.


At this moment, Timers, Clerks, and even a canopy are needed. That may change even more….


I implore volunteers, if you know you can’t fulfill the job you signed up to do, PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to back out or even worse, just not show. This puts tremendous stress on the rest of the team.  Please contact a board member or find a replacement. We are all volunteers. We are very busy. We all love our kids and do this for them.