Information from Safety Chairs Meeting June 2015

USA Swimming had a Safety Chairs Workshop in July 2015.  We are sharing much of the greast information that was given to us.  Safety Chairs for all of the clubs, please share with your club.

On Saturday, June 27, operational risk committee members Lynne Shine and Andrew Gormley discussed deck control. Attached is their presentation.


The reports of occurrence indicate that many accidents happen during warm up and cool down sessions before meets. Therefore, coaches and meet marshals will benefit from this presentation.


Saturday afternoon Starre Haney discussed concussion recognition. Her background as an emergency room nurse provided practical on site evaluation tips to the group. Her presentation is attached.     


The insurance and risk management website also has concussion management information. The concussion information sheet for parents and swimmers is also attached for your use and distribution.


Please share this presentation with your LSC and clubs and feel free to post on the LSC or Club websites.

If you have questions, please contact our LSC Safety Chair, Jack Dowling, j2dowling@gmail.com

Concussion S&S powerpoint by Starre Haney

Concussion Information Sheet for Parents & Swimmers

Deck Control

Managing Concussions - please contact if you would like this file, too large to post.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Concussion Management 

Workshop Agenda