Season WRap-Up

Swimmers & Families,

Coach Holly:  Another great summer swim team season is over, and we ended it in fine style!  Our team took second in the Divisional Meet, and second in our division overall.  It was such a pleasure to see all of the hard work you’ve been doing pay off!  I saw people win races because of a good finish (like you’ve been practicing) or a flip turn (that you did many times this season), or a stroke technique difference (that you worked hard to change).  I am so proud of this team.  I hope to see you all next year!!

Coach Kameryn: Thank you all for such an amazing season.  I absolutely loved every second of working with you all.  You are all such amazing kids and swimmers.  I hope everyone has a great rest of your summer!  And I can’t wait to see everyone again!  Go Barracudas!

Coach Robby:  Awesome Divisional Meet.  Everyone swam their hardest and gave their all.  It’s hard to believe the season has come to a close.  It has been an awesome time working with all of the swimmers. Great meet and amazing season!

Coach Raegan:  This was such an amazing last meet!  I am so proud of everyone!  So many people improved so much over the season, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you to everyone for making this such a great season!

Coach Reilly: I’m so proud of you guys!  You all killed it.  Divisionals  was an awesome end to an incredible season.  You guys improved so much this year!  I’m going to miss you so much and I hope I see you guys again.

Congratulations to our new All-Star qualifiers, bringing our total number of qualifiers to 26:

Reilly Caldwell 50 Back

Maddy Harshman 25 Back

Abby LaPadula 25 Fly

Mariah Williams 25 Free & 25 Back

Ava Wilson 25 Fly

Swimmers of the Week:  8-U Ava Gordon, 9-10 Johanna Lockney, 11-12 Campbell Caldwell, 13-14 Dylan Gibb, 15-Older Kayla Burgess.  Good job, swimmers!

If you were unable to attend the team picnic, you missed a great time!  We had great attendance and lots of fun swimming afterwards! Thank you to the parents who organized it and worked hard to serve everyone, both at the picnic and throughout the season:  Katie Bartman for spirit events, Maya Pilkington for team promotion and fundraising, Jim West for taking care of registration and team finances, Nancy West for all of the IT work, Jeff Wilson for taking such awesome pictures all season.  A special thank you to outgoing President Michelle Baird for all of the work she did.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and she did much of it, from scheduling to outfitting (with Mike, of course!).   I also must thank Kevin Corcoran for the many hours he puts in representing our team positively at endless meetings and swim meets.  Most of the information I give you all comes directly from him.  He also takes care of the controversial issues that occur behind the scenes, and he does that with grace and tact, which is rare (and appreciated!).  Last but not least, thank you to Pam Wilson, our team Vice President  who didn’t ask to be the Volunteer Coordinator but ended up doing it anyways!  That is a big job, and without your help our meets would have been chaos! Thank you!  Braddock Heights Swim Team has the best parents, which explains why we have such great kids!

Thank you to my Coaching staff Kameryn Corcoran, Raegan Corcoran, Reilly Caldwell, Robby Tucker and Emma Sigler.  I heard more compliments and we had more success than ever this year, thanks to you all!  Special thanks to the Junior Coaches who gave selflessly of their time:  Surabhi Bhat, Everett Brown, Lizzie Brown, Kayla Burgess, Tyler Virts, Elise Wilson and Jake Wornom,  You did a great job!

In the upcoming week, practices are from 9-10am for All-Star qualifiers.  We will be doing a lot of preparation for the meet next weekend.  There are no evening practices.  Be sure to check out our team display case to see all of the year-end point totals & Swimmers of the Week.

If you missed the picnic, team awards are in the guard office in the folders of our team box.  Stop by the pool any time to pick them up, or come by during our practices this week to get them.  12-Unders received a trophy and 13-Olders got team string sacks.

Good-bye, all!  Have a great summer and hope to see you all next year!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly