Congratulations, All-Stars!

Swimmers & Families,

Coach Holly:  We had a really great All-Star meet yesterday!  We had Gavin Kosch win gold in two events, the 25 Free and the 50 Free. Congratulations, Gavin!  We also had Josh Baird (50 FR), Reilly Caldwell (50 Back), Gavin Kosch (25 Fly) and Jack Kosch (25 FR, 50 FR & 25 Fly) win silver; and  Reilly Caldwell (50 Fly), Raegan Corcoran (50 BR) and Jack Kosch (25 Fly) win bronze.  Out of 41 swims we had 32 personal best times.  See all other results below.  Great job, swimmers!

Coach Kam:  Huge congrats to all of our awesome All-Stars swimmers.  You all represented our team amazingly and I am so proud to be your coach!  Thank you all for being such wonderful swimmers and people, and making me love my job.  I can’t wait for next year!!

Coach Raegan:  Amazing job to everyone who swam!  Everyone put their best foot forward and gave everything to these last events!  I’m so proud of everyone and I couldn’t have asked for a better season!  I can’t wait for next year!!  Great Season everyone!!

Coach Reilly:  You guys did incredibly!  I’m so proud of everyone.  So many people got personal bests!  I’m so glad I got to see you guys improve so much this season.  Congratulations to everyone and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Coach Robby:  Great way to end the season!  All the swimmers put in their best effort and it showed.  Many swimmers dropped time.  It has been a great season and I enjoyed every minute.  Hope to see you all next year.  Have a great rest of your summer!

Trophies & Awards:  Many people were asking me where their trophies were – they will be in the pool guard office tomorrow.  Check your folder in the team box for ribbons and All-Star awards.

All-Star Results (other than those listed above):

Adam Baird - 25 Breast 10th place

Josh Baird - 100 IM 5th place, 50 Breast 6th place, 100 Free 4th place

Marin Bartman - 25 Breast 4th place

Michael Bartman - 25 Free 14th place, 50 Free 16th place

Lizzie Brown - 50 Breast 4th place

Campbell Caldwell - 50 Back 21st place, 50 Fly 9th place

Thomas Hartinger - 50 Free 11th place, 100 IM 8th place, 100 Free 14th place,

Maddy Harshman - 25 back 24th place

Hayden Holt - 25 Free 23rd place, 25 Breast 10th place, 50 free 16th place

Gavin Kosch -25 Breast 5th place

Jack Kosch- 100 IM 4th place

Max Kosch - 50 Breast 6th place, 50 Back 14th place, 100 Free 6th place

Abby LaPadula - 25 Free 27th place, 50 Free 21st place, 25 Fly 7th place

Frankie Lebherz - 25 Back 22nd place

Cyrus McCutcheon- 25 Free 8th place, 25 Breast 9th place, 50 Free 5th place

Ethan Schmiel - 50 Free 14th place

First -Ever Crescendo Relays

     Boys - Gavin Kosch, Jack Schmiel, Ben Tabor, Max Kosch & Everett Brown - 5th place

     Girls - Morgan Bartman, Julia Baird, Hannah LaPadula, Elise Wilson & Raegan Corcoran - 10th place

* * Good job, All-Stars! * *

I have enjoyed working with you all this summer, swimmers and parents. Thank you for another great season.  See you next year!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly