National Age Group results for 2 WGB athletes - Aug.2, 2015
National Age Group Championships, Quebec      29th July- 2nd August 2015
from Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana 
Whitehorse Glacier Bears had 2 qualifiers this year that won 2 medals and qualified into 6 finals. 
14 years old Cassis Lindsay, after her appearance at National AG last summer in Winnipeg and gaining some experience, this year she comes back with a final. She has good under water fly kicks off the walls and the dive, which helps in sprints. Cassis placed 9th in her age group category in 50 Free. Cassis also comes back home with few best times and misses the old WGB club record, that belongs to Alexandra Gabor, only by few milliseconds in 50 Fly. Cassis is hard working swimmer, who is willing to improve, make changes and she thinks a lot during every practice, and after the whole season of strict training, she deserves her final. 
Her younger sister Rennes Lindsay, who was competing in 12 years old category, and for the first time represented WGB and Yukon at National AG level, comes back home with 5 finals and 2 bronze medals. Finals and medals are a big achievement for both swimmers coming from Whitehorse, where we have nobody to compete against in Yukon, no opportunity to train in 50m pool, and for sure it will not be easy to defeat those medal positions next year. 
Rennes had an amazing freestyle races. Her tactics were very good, she knew how to race it, and when to attack to place herself high in the final and with her great finishes, she was able to hold it. 
Holding an even pace and swimming her second half of 800 Free faster, and winning her first bronze medal, gave Rennes a lot of confidence for all other freestyle races. Her 400 and 800 Free could not have been paced any better. In 400 Freestyle final, Rennes went out very strong, we knew that it is going to be a tight finish, so we did not want to risk. The plan was to be close to the leading girls from the start, and from 200m mark to swim harder on every 50, and hold the pace for as long as possible. Rennes was second for most of the race, gave all she had and swam much better than she was expected to swim, and won another bronze medal. There is few little details that we have to correct in her stroke and there is a lot of work on her turns left, so for sure this girl can do better. 
400 IM was another great race for Rennes. She placed 4th in the final trying hard from the start and having a very good finish. There is still much to improve on her Backstroke and Breastroke part of medley, and in all her turns, so for sure her broken 400 IM club record this weekend and her best time, can be better in the future. 
6th place in the 200 Free final for Rennes was a good achievement too. This race was hard, all 12 years old girls were fast, so for sure when they will turn 13, this is not going to be an easy swim meet. 200m Free is a little short distance for younger sister Rennes, which for older sister Cassis, we joke, this is almost too far to swim. 
200 Fly race, which is the longest event for this stroke, is also one of the favourites for Rennes. She qualified to the final and finished on 9th position. 
There was one more day of Open Water Championships left. Rennes only experience in this field is Provincial Championships when she won bronze in 1000m, but she was not confident enough to race 2500m yet. She was in a good shape this weekend and I believe she would have a lot of fun and would perform very well, but looking at her long term plans and goals, it was better not to push it this time. For sure we are going to enter open water event next summer at National AG Championships. 
It was a big and a nice surprise for me to see these young athletes performing so well.
Both Lindsay girls are in Quebec for 3 more days for a short family holiday. Rennes is off for the summer, but Cassis (together with Luke Bakica) is going to represent Yukon at Western Canada Games in less than 2 weeks, so she is training with a Quebec team for the next 2 days.