UPDATED - Fall 2015 Hurricane Practice Schedule

Hello Everyone!

Below is the Tentative Fall 2015 Hurricance Practice Schedule. This schedule will be from 7/17/15-10/2/15, when the high school swim season begins. We will then have to reduce to fewer lanes and we will have to adjust the schedule/groups accordingly through the beginning of February.

Please look closely at the practice time offerrings for Developmental 1,2,3 and PreSenior Prep. In an effort to have as much flexibility for families schedules we are offering Lettered options based on what works best for your swimmers schedule. You must choose one schedule and stay with it, there will be no mixing and matching days due to number caps and lane space restrictions in each group. Signing up for your desired time slots will be on a first come, first serve basis. If you have already registered your swimmer please go back in and designate your time slot, if you have difficulty doing that please email Coach Jeff at

There have been a few group name changes, please see below:

-PreSenior 2 is now just PreSenior and will be composed of mostly 13-14yr olds.

-PreSenior 1 is now just Senior and will be composed of 15-18yr olds and will consist of athletes that want the rigorous training but more relaxed attendance requirements.

-Senior is now called Senior Elite and will be composed of mostly 15-18yr olds. This group will consist of high level athletes that want the rigorous training schedule and are committed to swimming at the Sectional level and above.

Thank you and we are looking forward to a great season!

Coach Jeff