Registration Policy for Upcoming Season

Shorewood Families,

We hope everyone is getting ready for summer and enjoying their last few days of school!  As the summer kicks off, the Shorewood Swim Club Board has been busy working on future plans for the club and its swimmers.

Recently at the June 2nd Board meeting, a proposal was voted on and passed that will require all Shorewood Swim Club members to have a credit card/debit card associated with their member account in the Team Unify platform starting this 2015 - 2016 Short Course Season.

The team unify platform has been utilized for the last 4 years and the club has incrementally implemented the program to handle all of the club’s invoice, meet entry, and payment collection needs.  This is the final step in that implementation.

For a majority of you that currently have a credit card on file this will not change anything for you.  However, we are implementing a couple of options in the 2015/2016 season that will allow for greater payment flexibility when it comes to registration.

  1. All registration will be done online and a credit card will be needed to complete registration.
  2. Registration will open for a longer period of time and will also remain open for the duration of the season to handle any new registrations.
  3. Registration payment options will be implemented.  Full payment upon registration will be available but you will also have the ability to choose the payment plan which will spread the registration payment over the course of the season.

The Team Unify billing platform is PCI and PCI DSS compliant and further information on these certifications is available on the Team Unify website.  It is important to realize that your account number and sensitive information is not available to Shorewood Swim Club or any of the staff members associated with the club.  This is a very secure, well trusted, and popular team management platform.

If you have any questions or concerns leading up to registration please feel free to contact one of the Shorewood Swim Club Board Members or Head Coach Dave Westfahl.

Thank you for your support of the Shorewood Swim Club and its members!