Fall and Winter Swim is Here

We are excited to announce our third season to offer our Winter Swim Program, at the LVHA pool starting 9/8/15. We are offering this program to help your children maintain and enhance summer swim skills, staying connected with friends and having access to a local coached workout throughout the year.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to continue to offer this program, based on the philosophy and culture of our summer swim program. While this program will require USA Swimming membership, swimmers may choose to swim in meets or simply attend up to 5 practices/week for off-season fitness.

This program is open to swimmers from any summer swim team and new swimmers alike. The more the merrier, so tell a friend!

Our high caliber coaching staff will be headed up by Rebecca Arnold, Jenny Garanina and other familiar faces to many in our community.

We hope to see you on deck next month!



·   Coached workouts Monday through Friday

·   Maintain/improve summer swim skills

·   Heated pool

·   New swimmers welcome

·   Run by LVST and Marinwood Waterdevils / Open to all teams

·   Session I: September through December

·   Session II: January and February 

We have a minimum enrollment number that we need to enroll.

We will confirm registration on September 8th. So please sign up early, and tell your friends!

Session I: September 8 - December 18th

Practice Times for September 8 – 25 5:00-7:45:

Swim School and Beginner 8 & unders: 5:00–5:30

All other 8 & unders: 5:30–6:15

9 & 10s 6:15–7:15; 11& ups 6:15–7:45

Practice Times for September 26th through October 30 3:30-6:15:

Swim School and Beginner 8 & unders: 3:30–4:00
All other 8 & unders: 4:00–4:45
9 & 10s 4:45–5:45; 11& ups 4:45–6:15

Practice Times for November 1 through December 18 3:30-6:15:

Beginner 8 & unders: 3:30–4:00
All other 8 & unders: 4:00–4:45
9 & 10s 4:45–5:45; 11& ups 4:45–6:15

Session I Fees :

8 & Unders:      $375

9 & Ups:        $425

For more information and to register, visit!