WCSC Conference Results

Congratulations to all GAELS that swam in Conferences this week that representing their respective Summer clubs which concluded at Westchester Country Club on Thursday. There was some fast swimming this week with multiple personal bests and huge time drops.

Great Swimming by all. Below are all Championship Qualifiers.

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Girls 8&U 25 FR

Fiona Barr-12th


Boys 8&U 25 FR

Charlie O’Sullivan-8th


Girls 10&U 50 FR

Ava Schetlick-3rd

Corbin Callaway -13th

Ava Bruno-10&U-14th


Boys 12&U 50 FR

Timmy Norris-4th

Theo Veru-14th


Girls 14&U 100 FR

Kayla Shannon-7th

Mackenzie Seward-11th


Girls 17&U 100 FR

Amelia Showers-9th

Maggie O’Reilly-14th

Alexandra DeStaebler-15th


Boys 17&U 100 FR

John Freeman-3rd

Andrew DeStaebler-8th

Kyle Deverna-12th


Boys 8&U 25 BK

Charlie O’Suillivan-4th


Girls 10&U 50 BK

Ava Schetlick-10th

Kate Dougherty-16th


Boys 12&U 50 BK

Timmy Norris-4th

Nicky Speres-9th


Girls 14&U 100 BK

Kayla Shannon-4th

Sophie Showers-9th

Kyra Broderick-10th


Boys 14&U 100 BK

Tim Bergamini-15th


Girls 17&U 100 BK

Amelia Showers-6th

Maggie O’Reilly-13th


Boys 17&U 100 BK

John Freeman-7th

Andrew DeStaebler-11th

Colin Johanson-12th

Owen Madden-13th

Kyle Deverna-14th


Girls 10&U 50 BR

Corbin Callaway-6th

Julia Reich-8th

Kate Dougherty-10th


Girls 12&U 50 BR

Molly McCauley-15th


Boys 12&U 50 BR

Timmy Norris-3rd

Nicky Speres-6th


Girls 14&U 100 BR

Bridget Deverna-8th

Mackenzie Seward-10th


Boys 14&U 100 BR

Mark Dmytryshyn-4th

Evan Barr-14th



Girls 17&U 100 BR

Amanda Broderick-6th

Alexandra Destaebler-16th


Boys 17&U 100 BR

Ryan Cicchiello-6th

Jack Reilly-11th

Liam McPhillips-14th


Girls 8&U 25 FL

Fiona Barr-11th


Boys 8&U 25 FL

Charlie O’Sullivan-11th


Girls 10&U 50 FL

Ava Schetlick-10th

Corbin Callaway-16th


Boys 12&U 50 FL

Theo Veru-16th


Girls 14&U 100 FL

Kayla Shannon-8th

Mackenzie Seward-11th

Sophie Showers-13th


Boys 14&U 100 FL

Tim Bergamini-8th

Evan Barr-14th


Girls 17&U 100 FL

Amanda Broderick-7th

Maggie O’Reilly-10th

Amelia Showers-14th


Boys 17&U 100 FL

John Freeman-6th

Andrew DeStaebler-14th

Jack Reilly-16th


Congrats to all who competed and look forward to seeing you back at Iona soon!