Weekly News (Aug 14th-20th)

Hello Panthers,


Today is the day we get back to work and take the first step of our 2015-16 season. We have met so many new swimmers to the program, which is amazing to see. We will have a good mix of veterans and newbies, which should give us tons of excitement and energy to build on.

Registration is now open (closes Aug 28th) so please register ASAP.


Important Notes:


Your account is “Pending” and not “active” until you are registered and paid:

After you pay at the CAO office your account becomes active and you can access all of your families times and information as always.


Training starts today!


This week, please attend the training days you would like to have for the first semester. Please remember that for 12 and under, those training days must be as follows:

2 days option: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

3 days option: Monday/Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday/Thursday and Friday

4 or more: Any combination that works for you. BUT, make the training schedule with your coach and commit to it.


Tryouts also start today (for new swimmers):  

Monday – Thursday at the 50 m pool starting at 2:30. Swimmers will be timed and then compared to our team qualifying times.


Dry land Training for 11 and over starts Monday August 21:

Dryland training is a mandatory part of your training and very important to our coaching team’s yearly plan. Last year we hired Coach Indera as our Strength and Conditioning coach, we plan on using him a lot this year.


High School Squad: Monday/Thursday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

13/14 Squad: Tuesday/Friday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

11/12 Squad: Wednesday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

* If you swim on these days, you must be at this training*


Saturday and AM training for senior swimmers:

Saturday training from 8:00am to 9:30am starts Saturday August 19th

Tuesday and Thursday AM training starts September 22 and 24th

*For morning practices we must have at least 3 swimmers signed up to attend 2 days prior to the swim day*




2015-16 Swim Meet Schedule is posted on the website

Obviously, some of these dates are tentative. But for the most part this is what our swim meet schedule will look like for next year. Start dreaming of those PB swims.

Please remember that our two home meets (Swimfest and Splash) are mandatory. Put these on your calendar now and don’t double book! No excuses accepted.



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day