Fall 2015 Registration will open Monday, August 24.

Welcome to Fall 2015 Registration! 


Fall 2015 marks a new registration format for PTAC.  During your registration process you  may notice a few differences. Previously, annual tuition had been split into two registrations Fall/Winter and Spring.  Annual tuition is now split into three registrations: Fall, Winter and Spring. Members will pay each registration season in full. Accordingly, the Concession Fee will be split into three payments as well. 

Swimmers registering for AMS are required to pay the full amount during Fall registration season. As a reminder, these monies are sent directly to Allegheny Mountain Swimming as annual dues to participate in the AMS 2015-2016 swim season.

High school swimmers are the only exception.  During the Fall/Winter season, high school members will pay their entire registration fee during Fall registration and WILL NOT re-register for the Winter season.

When beginning your registration process, please remember that you CANNOT SIGN IN because your account is inactive until you re-register for the current season.  You must first CLICK ON THE ON-LINE REGISTRATION tab on the right hand side of your home screen (see image below for location) and follow the prompts.  Once you have finished, you will still not be able to login until your account has been approved by the Registrar. You will not receive a notice that your account has been activated.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your account to be activated.

Please remember that your swimmer CANNOT ENTER THE WATER UNTIL THEY ARE REGISTERED for insurance reasons.  Your swimmer will be asked to leave the water if their registration has not been completed.Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

See you soon!