Board Members needed

 Hello swim families.

Steve Ganser has stepped down as President of JAWS - we thank him for all his time, effort, and dedication to JAWS over the years!

Tom Williams has volunteered to step into the role of JAWS President.  Jodi El Beri will remain Vice President, and Tammy Nelson will remain Treasurer.  The 2016 season will be Jodi and Tammy's last year as board members.

We are looking for 3 volunteers:  We need some-one to step-up to fill the open position of Secretary.  We are also looking for 2 people to join our board "in training" to work with Jodi, Tammy, and the rest of the Board in 2016 and then take over the postitions of Vice-President and Treasurer in 2017.   We will start meeting in early February to start planning the 2016 season. 

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Tom ([email protected]), Jodi ([email protected]), or Tammy ([email protected]).