New APT information to begin Sept 1, 2015


:      LSC Registrars


USA Swimming Safe Sport is excited to release the Athlete Protection Training Renewal Course.   We now have two courses in our Athlete Protection Training curriculum.  The two courses are:


Athlete Protection Training New Member Course (APT)

ü   This is the original APT that was released in 2011

ü   Required of all new members

ü   Must be completed in order to become a non-athlete member

ü   Satisfies APT Requirement for 24 months


Athlete Protection Training Renewal Course (APT Renewal)

ü   This is a new course that will be released September 1, 2015 at

ü   It is a 40-minute, scenario based course

ü   It will be required of all renewing non-athlete members when their current APT certification expires

ü   For members whose APT certification expires in 2015, the deadline to renew is 12/31/15. 

ü   The requirement will be good for 24 months from 12/31/15

Please refer questions to Susan Woessner or Maggie Vail. Thanks!