Weekly News (Aug 24-30)

Hello Panthers,


Our first week is completed and we made it through without one lightning cancelation. I am happy to say that we have over 40 new faces on our team so far and this week our coaches will be working hard to organize our training squads, but to do this completely we need all swimmers to be registered. We currently have 170 swimmers registered, but there are a rather large amount of swimmers in the pool who are not on the registration list.  Registration closes at the end of this week, so please do this sooner than later. Remember that after you pay at the CAO office your account becomes active and you can access all of your family’s times, sign up for meets and get all the important information as always.


Important Notes:


8 and under swim program gets a facelift:

This summer our coaching team was given the task of revamping and improving our 8 and under swim program. We have worked hard to create a whole new program that puts more emphasis on Foundational Skills Practice (streamline, diving and water balance), Basic Stroke Skills and Drills (not allowing to move past drills they have not become proficient at) practice and race day skills and of course Fun!

To go along with our new program, we have added new fun names to each squad…so as soon as the squads are set we will introduce the Stingrays, Dolphins, Marlins and Barracudas. Who will be who? Let’s wait and see!


Training squad selection:


This week, please attend the training days you would like to have for the first semester. Please remember that for 12 and under, those training days must be as follows:

2 days option: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

3 days option: Monday/Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday/Thursday and Friday

4 or more: Any combination that works for you. BUT, make the training schedule with your coach and commit to it.

***If we have an overload on one set of days, we will have to ask for volunteers to move training days. We cannot go over the USA Swimming suggested coach to swimmer ratio***


Semester 1 Travel Meet Questionnaire PLEASE FILL OUT:

We need to commit to our meets for the first semester and we are all set expect for the weekend of November 28-29. Traditionally we attend the Bangkok Sports Club swim meet on this weekend. We are the only international school at this meet and it is an honor to be invited. But, it is expensive and is a Long Course Meet in a time when we need Short Course times. So we have been invited to Singapore American School’s Santa Claus Meet. This meet is SCM and is exactly the type of races we need at this time.

Please fill out the following questionnaire to help us make this decision. It will take one minute.  Cut and paste this link.



Panther Kickoff Gala and Dinner (September 11 after school):

This is our first meet and team gathering of the season. It is a great day to come and meet all your new teammates and their families. We will have time trail races for all ages, team dinner after the meet and then a parent’s information session after dinner. Swimmers will have access to the gym and all its equipment while parents are attending the information session.  Coaches will supervise.

Event sign up is up and running on our homepage under events (You will have to pay at the CAO to do this).



Dry land Training for 11 and over starts Today!:

Dryland training is a mandatory part of your training and very important to our coaching team’s yearly plan. Last year we hired Coach Indera as our Strength and Conditioning coach, we plan on using him a lot this year.


High School Squad: Monday/Thursday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

13/14 Squad: Tuesday/Friday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

11/12 Squad: Wednesday 3:00pm to 3:45pm

* If you swim on these days, you must be at this training*


Saturday and AM training for 11 and over swimmers:

Saturday training from 8:00am to 9:30am has started and

Tuesday and Thursday AM training starts this week. These practice times must be attended for them to carry on. We cannot run practices for 2 or 3 people.  

*For morning practices we must have at least 3 swimmers signed up to attend 2 days prior to the swim day, speak to your coaches if you are interested*




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day