Missouri Valley timing equipment to be sold

Missouri Valley Swimming is going to auction its inventory of equipment to interested member organizations within the LSC. Please find the attached inventory sheet and please note the very important notes and guidelines regarding this process:


  • An organization will submit a bid for the ENTIRE inventory of equipment. The winning organization must make arrangements to retrieve and transport both trailers.
  • All of the equipment should be considered USED. The Colorado Timing Systems 6 console was purchased in September, 2014, and has been used at no more than 6 meets. Every component in the inventory will be sold AS IS.
  • The highest submitted bid will purchase the equipment at the bid price, and the sale will be FINAL.
  • Representatives can make arrangements to travel and inspect the inventory in Lawrence. Please contact me to request an appointment.
  • This is a closed bidding process, bids will not be open to the public.
  • MV will entertain combined bids from multiple teams. If you team is wishing to put in a combined bid, you can send me a note and indicate your interest. I will then provide those clubs with contacts from the various teams wishing to split a bid.
  • Your bid is final, but may be retracted prior to the deadline. The organization with the highest bid at the deadline will be contacted to make payment arrangements. Your organization will then be invoiced and can be paid via ACH payment system.
  • The deadline to submit a bid on the timing system is Sunday, September 20 at 11:59pm CDT.

A complete inventory of items being sold can be found here.