General Swim Meet Info (for newbies)

Swim meets: Everything you ever wanted to know

(for the newbie)


Because we now have over 65 new swimmers, I have decided that maybe we need an informational session on “Swim Meets”. I have had many new parents tell me they are very confused. So here goes…




Swim Meet: Race competition held for swimming. There are many variations in events swum, but most will have all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) at different distances. 8 and under swimmers traditionally swim 25 m races. 9 and over swim 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m and 800 m races. All meets usually have one or two “individual medley” races at 100m, 200m and 400m. Individual Medley or “I.M.” is a race with all four strokes swum in this order: fly, back, breast and free.

Lastly, all meets will have age group relays. A freestyle relay and Medley Relay (all four strokes).


Intra-squad meet, Kickoff gala, Panther Palooza, time trials:

These are all after school mini-meets that we swim with just our team. They are used to practice, build confidence, team camaraderie and to get more entry times for up coming meets.


Short Course Meter Meets (SCM): meets swum in a 25 m pool


Long Course Meter Meets (LCM): meets swum in a 50 m pool


Entry Times:

Each swimmer will use their best time ever as there “entry time” for the meet. These times are used to seed swimmers in the heats with other swimmers that are the same speed. Each event will have many “heats” of swimmers. These heats start with the slower times and move to the fastest times.


Personal Best Swims (PB’s):

The best time your swimmer has in each stroke to date. VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER; these are how we show improvement and what we set our individual goals on. Every swimmer should know their own PB’s and try to break them at each race.


Travel Meet: A swim meet in which we travel out of the city and usually to another country. These meets are great for swimmers to get to know their teammates and coaches on a whole new level. Traveling, eating together and staying at the same hotel gives the swimmers the opportunities to learn more from their coaches (more one on one time) and take their swimming to the next level.


Home Meets: Swimfest (November 14-15) and Splash (March 5-6) are our Mandatory home meets. Everyone on our team must compete at these meets. So block it off on your calendar and don’t book anything else. Swimfest is our local meet with all teams from Bangkok and Thailand. Splash is our international meet in which teams from other countries travel to us. Pentathlon on May 14th is our last home meet of the year and is with two other teams (Patana and ANS).


Local Meets: These are meets within the city that we attend. They are not mandatory, but great practice and experience for all swimmers. Buses are provided leaving from the school.


Championship meets (Qualifying meets): IASAS for high school and BISAC for all ages are our only Championship meets. For these meets you must be selected to represent the team. IASAS is in January and BISAC is at the end of March. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected for these teams, so if you are selected you are expected to compete.


The Swim Meet Process


Our swim meets will be advertised on our website and through our weekly newsletter. When they are, you have to commit your swimmer either way to this meet.  To do this you click on the swim meet or team function (it is at the bottom of the home page). You will be asked to click “commit” or “decline”. When you commit, you can pick what swim races (events) your swimmer wants to enter. If you don’t have any idea, just leave it blank. The coaches will take care of it.  I REPEAT, YOU MUST COMITT EITHER WAY. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING, TAKE THE TWO SECONDS AND DECLINE. If you do not, I will continue to email you and ask you to do so J


Up coming meets and functions:


September 11th Panther Kickoff Gala and Dinner: All swimmers after school, short races and then dinner and then a parent information session. The website and all this information will be explained in detail.


September 26 Tiger Prawn Invitational (Patana) 8&under only

 Fun meet for 8 & unders to gain some competitive experiences, all 8 and unders should attend. It’s a great way to start the season for them. No big boys and girls around to scare them.


Oct 6-7 Panther Palooza (Intrasquad meet after school).

Part of practice and all should attend. Switch training days to attend these. We need current times for meet entry times.


That is probably enough for now, come to the Parent Information Night on September 11th and we can go into more detail.


Any questions ever, please don’t hesitate to email me or come in and talk.

See you deck,

Coach Day