Weekly News (Aug 31 - Sept 6)


Hello Panthers,


With week two under our belts and registration closed, I am happy to report that my earlier count was way low and we now have over 200 swimmers registered and of those swimmers, 72 are new to our team. We are working hard to move swimmers into their training squads, but are a little overloaded on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so coaches will be reaching out to their squads to see if anyone can move training days. We can also not move people around in our system until all swimmers have paid their fees and become active in the system. You are not able to sign up for meets, functions and volunteering until this payment is completed. So please pay today or tomorrow if you could.


Important Notes:


ISB Panther Swim Team Kick-off Gala (September 11 2:30-6:30)

Our first big team event is coming up in less than two weeks. This day will include an intra-squad meet for all swimmers (please sign up on our home page), yummy dinner for all swimmers and family (please sign up on link below) and a parent information night. Here, we will give parents lessons on how to use our website, sign up for volunteering and anything else a successful swim parent should know.  Coaches will supervise fun time in the gymnasium during the parents meeting.

All of our equipment Vendors will also be at this meet. This is the best time to get your race swimsuit (MUST BE ALL BLACK), training equipment and anything else you need for the year. You will not see them again until Swimfest!


Dinner sign up: Please fill out the form found on this link

For more information on the dinner portion of the event contact Kaarin O’Connnell at [email protected]

Patana Tiger Prawns Meet: For 8 and under swimmers only (September 26th)

I would highly suggest ALL of our 8 and under swimmers attend this meet. This is a fun “learning” meet for our Junior Panthers. Swimmers will all strokes; there are not Disqualifications and great relays at the end.

Please sign up on our website now!


Semester 1 Travel Meet Questionnaire PLEASE FILL OUT (last week):

We have had about 20% of our swimmers answer this questionnaire, which is a very small sample. We will set the meet for the weekend of November 28-29 at the end of this week and will be based to some extent on this survey. Currently, the votes are double for going to Singapore American School. Only, 5 people have told us they would not be going to either meet, this is also very important to making our decision.




That is all for now, see you on deck!


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