Weekly News (Sept 7th to 13th)

Hello Panthers,

Exciting times coming up this week; we will gather together Friday for our first big event. So far we have 90% of our team signed up for the meet, with a few stragglers left to sign up yet.

I am going to take a moment at this time to explain the event/meet sign up process. Our website is amazing in the fact that it allows coaches to know what all of our swimmers are intending to do for the upcoming events. This is because every swimmer is supposed to “Commit” or “Decline” an event as soon as they know what they intend to do. So when a new meet or event is advertised, take a brief moment and commit. We should never have the majority of our swimmers in the “uncommitted” column of our swim meets. So if you have not done this, take a minute right now and do so. So if you have no intentions of going to Singapore, click “decline” and we will not bother you with repeated email invitations to these events, but if you don’t…they will not stop coming to you :)


Important Notes:

ISB Panther Swim Team Kick-off Gala (September 11 2:30-6:30)

5 days away from our first big event of the year. Please commit either way to this event. There should be no swimmers in the “undeclared” column. You should be “Committed” or “Declined”

This day will include an intra-squad meet for all swimmers (please sign up on our home page), yummy dinner for all swimmers and family (please sign up on link below) and a parent information night. Here, we will give parents lessons on how to use our website, sign up for volunteering and anything else a successful swim parent should know.  Coaches will supervise fun time in the gymnasium during the parents meeting.

All of our equipment Vendors will also be at this meet. This is the best time to get your race swimsuit (MUST BE ALL BLACK), training equipment and anything else you need for the year. You will not see them again until Swimfest!


Dinner sign up: Please fill out the form found on this link and pay at the CAO this week. We have 180 swimmers signed up for the event and only 100 for the dinner, so many many of you have not signed up for the dinner.

For more information on the dinner portion of the event contact Kaarin O’Connnell at [email protected]

Patana Tiger Prawns Meet: For 8 and under swimmers only (September 26th)

As of this morning we have 38 swimmers signed up for this event. That is just over half of our huge 8 and under group. I would highly suggest ALL of our 8 and under swimmers attend this meet. This is a fun “learning” meet for our Junior Panthers. Swimmers will all strokes; there are not Disqualifications and great relays at the end.

Please sign up or decline on our website now!


Travel meet results: Singapore here we come!

The results are in from our travel meet questionnaire and the votes for Singapore more than tripled that of RBSC, so we have committed to the SAS meet on November 28th and 29th.

The Singapore American School Fight Fish host one of the best international meets in SE Asia. I have personally attended this meet 5 times and think it is perfect for our team. ISB has attended in the past, but not in recent times. It is my hopes that our team will commit to two travel meets per year; one in each semester. This will be a great time to move this tradition forward.                                  

Because of location the team flights will be with Air Asia leaving Friday November 27th at 13:15 arriving at 16:40, returning Sunday at 17:05 landing in Bangkok at 18:35

The team hotel will be "The Big Hotel" Singapore, it is the SAS corporate hotel and where the Varsity team stays for IASAS.!home/hotel-in-singapore-adventure-holiday

Bus transport will be organized by the team to and from airport and hotel and pool. The cost will be shared by all traveling.

Sign up or decline now on our website. 10 people have already committed so we are looking good!

ISB activity Free weekend (September18-20)

Next week is a shortened week with students off both September 17th and 18th. September 18-20 is ISB’s activity free weekend and because of this there will be no practices on these days. But Thursday September 17th we will have our practices in the morning.

10 and under practice from 9:00am to 10:00

11 and over practice from 10:00am to 11:30


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day