Short Course Season Starts Tuesday, September 8th!!!

Parents and Swimmers,

The start to the Short Course for the Shorewood Swim Club is Tuesday, September 8th for most groups. AGS will start Wednesday, September 9th, and PC and SL swimmers will start next Monday, September 14th. All calendars are available on our web site under the calendar tab (choose your group on the drop down menu). This year, we have added a High School Prep Group for any 9th - 12th graders who are not ready for the full commitment to SRR, but want to prepare for their High School season. It meets 5 days each week, with 3 devoted to swimming, and 2 devoted to dryland. This is a great option for our High School swimmers with limited time!


All swimmers must be registered by Tuesday, September 8th, or they will be subject to the late fee of $25. You can still do online registration on the front page of the website, top right side under "Online Registration". We now require a credit card be on file for all registrations.

Team Apparel:

Walter's Swim Supplies handles our team suits, warm ups, and training equipment. They will be doing a suit fitting on Monday, September 21st, from 5:00-7:00, and many items will be available by our first meet in October! We have added a "new" item this year, with a swim parka. This will be the only time that this order will be on the form, so if you would like one, make sure to place your order (it can be a great birthday or holiday gift!) The order form for Walter's is here, and should be turned into Walter's September 21st (not to coaches!):


Our Team Apparel, including t-shirts, sweat shirts, shorts, pants, and many other iteams is handled by Burghardt's Sporting Goods. We do online ordering through their store, and the items are delivered to us 2-3 weeks after the ordering closes. This is our main order for the Short Course Season (we will have another order in late November/early December), but get your apparel order in by the deadline on Monday, September 14th. We have some great new items, as well as our standard apparel, so make sure to get your order in on time. The form for Burghardt's is here:


Training Equipment:

Our Senior Pink/Red/Blue groups and AG Gold groups have some requirements for training equipment. Senior P/R/B athletes are required to have a mesh bag, fins, snorkel and paddles (8th grade-size 1, 9th grade-size 2, 10th grade size 3, 11/12 grade check with coaches). It is recommended that they have a nose plug, and some may want a Tempo Trainer (check with coach). AG Gold swimmers are going to start using fins and snorkels this year, so we are recommending that all AGG get a mesh bag, snorkel, nose plug and training fins.

New Swimmer Assessments:

We are hosting assessments for new swimmers on Wednesday, September 9th and Friday, September 11th. Information is on the front page our our website, and has been distributed to the Shorewood Schools. Please make sure to send any interested friends, relatives, neighbors, or classmates to the site, so they can secure an assessment time later this week. We are only allowed to advertise in the Shorewood Schools, but we welcome and encourage swimmers from any communities to join our team. If you live outside of Shorewood, we need to spread information by "word of mouth" , so make sure to let any interested future swimmers know about our program!

Let's get set for a GREAT start to the Short Course season!