Weekly Notes for September 14-19

Good News...HS Pool is fixed!

Practices for 9/14-19:  Regular practices for all groups this week at Brookings High School.    The practice schedule can be found by clicking the Calendars tab.  This will take you to the General Calendar.  From the Pick a your group(s). The practices for that group will appear.  Also, just above the calendar, there's a PDF Practice Schedule for all groups.   ** Make sure to note the different times for your group(s). **

Reminder...In order to practices, swimmers must be registered!

New Swimmer Tryouts will be held this Monday & Tuesday (9/14-15), between 4:30-5:45.  Swimmers only need to come to one of these.  Should take about 10-minutes depending on number of swimmers being evaluated at that time.  Please mention this to any friends who may be interested.

Swim Ameria also starts this Tuesday.  If Coach Wendy.

See you at the pool!