FEES - ????what should I do????


Please read this!!!!!


I thought when we got the new website up and running that we would be able to get the financial stuff going right away. I underestimated the work and time involved with this, and hopefully we will have everything up and functioning in the next 10-12 days.


Dues (Swim fees)

You will still need to pay your February swim fees as you were paying before. If you had given us a credit card to charge for your fees – you are taken care of, we will bill the card as we have in previous months.  If, however, you brought a check or cash to the pool, you will still need to do this for February dues. (Hopefully – we will be ready in time to let you pay your March fees online).


Meet Fees

I thought that here also we would be able to let you take care of these online. Since we’re not sure when your credit card payment for meets will be available and both Sr-Classic and JO’s are huge money outlays (Senior classic entry fees alone are $1,463)(JO’s will be another $6-800) we will need you to go ahead and send a check to the pool for your meet fees. We simply don’t have the money to front this much. I appologize that I told swimmers earlier that they would be billed for this, we were  just not able to get it automated yet.

Please send Sr-Classic check (MADE TO CAST) by this Saturday, and send JO check (MADE TO CAST) by next Wednesday. 


General news

We will give you more information on the billing system and internet payments and entering swim meets very soon.

Please keep an eye on the website for new updates, we will also be passing out a lot of papers in the next couple of weeks because of the administrative and website changes that we are instituting.