Swimmer's Network will be at PTAC tonight!

Just a reminder that Swimmer's Network will be on-site at PTAC tonight during practices with a selection of team suits, goggles, etc. for sale!

As mentioned at the parent meeting on Monday, 9/21, PTAC's meet suit is simply a solid black suit - any style of your swimmer's choosing.  It is suggested that swimmers keep the black suits for meets only and obtain a separate suit to be worn during practices as the black suits fade and wear out quickly if used for practices. 

Swimmer's Network has asked us to notify our parents that some of the suit and goggle manufacturer's are having shipping difficulties at the present time.  A limited number of suits will be available for "take home" this evening but orders will be accepted and the orders WILL be back PRIOR to our team photo next week.  Orders will be delivered directly to our pool for parent pick up during practices early next week.