JCP "Food Truck Fridays" & Parking

Starting on October 2nd, and every Friday thereafter, JCP will be offering “Food Truck Friday” to the community. And…your family is invited to eat at Food Truck Friday! Yay!

This reoccurring Friday night event will take place at the Aquatics Complex (old pool).

Consequently, Loggerheads will not be able to park at the Aquatics Complex pool for Friday practices.

You can drop off swimmers at the front gate, and then park your vehicle at the basketball courts. It’s visible from the pool.

Please remember this is every Friday, starting the first Friday in October…the 2nd. That’s next week.

We are also looking for volunteers to be “parking attendants” for this first FTF on the 2nd. Of course, this will go towards your volunteer hours. Your job will be to inform Loggerhead families where to park, and notify those that try to park in the lot where they must move to.

We need these shifts covered and will need 1-2 volunteers per shift:

1.     3:30-5:45 (Gold Plus practice)

2.     5:45-7:30 (Gold practice)

To volunteer go on our website and fill out volunteer info. Look for Food Truck Friday on the events page and fill in the information.

We apologize for the inconvenience but hope that you will enjoy FTF with us!

Edited: 10/9/15


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