Weekly Notes for Sept. 28 - Oct. 3

Practices for 9/28-10/3:  Regular Schedule all groups (Juniors...see change below).

Women's Locker Room CLOSED:  Volleyball Matches Tuesday & Thursday.  Women's Locker Room will be Closed both Tuesday & Thursday.  Everyone will need to 'Walk Through" the Men's Locker Room Tuesday & Thursday.    No Changing in Men's Locker Room.

New Family Meeting / Registrations:  Monday, September 28, in Room 409 at High School.  May attend either of these two times:  6:00pm or 7:00pm start.    New Parents only need to attend one of these.  Will cover topics such as volunteering responsibilities, swim meets, practices, website, sms messaging, how to enter meets, swim season length, dues & fees, scholarship information, Q&A's, etc.    *All New Families will need to turn in the Terms & Conditions for the club as well as the Registration/Info Packet (and initial fees).   Earlier this week the Terms & Conditions were emailed to New Families who took part in the New Swimmer Tryouts Sept. 14-15.  If you didn't Barry (  Room 409 located just down the hallway from the Locker Room entrance on the right hand side (Health Room).

Junior Group Practice Change:  Juniors will be changing their Practice Schedule starting this week.  It will be Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri from 3:45-5:30p and Wednesday from 2:45-4:30p.

Group Parent Meetings:  Coach / Parent Meetings will be held for each practice group.  These will be announced next weekend.  Will be held during that group's practice, in the bleachers.  Will discuss individual group information such as practice & meet attendance, goals & expectations for that group, etc.  Either Wendy or Barry will lead the meeting.  At least 1 parent/guardian of a swimmer, in that group, should attend.  

Meet Schedule:  Is now posted.  Will need to log into website to view all the meets.  A pdf is also posted in the Calendars section (just above the calendar).

Have a Great Week!