Weekly Notes for October 5-10

No Swim America this week.  Silver & Platinum...see changes this week on Tuesday/Thursday.

Practices for October 5-10:  Regular schedules this week, except on Tuesday & Thursday...Silvers go 5:30-6:30, and Platinum go 5:45-7:00, (No Swim America this week (only)).

Thursday Practices...Girl's Volleyball on Thursday.  Girls' Lockerroom Closed.  ALL have to "Walk Through" Boys' Lockerroom.  NO Changing in Boys'.

Meet Commitment Deadlines:  October 17 Intrasquad is October 7 (Wed).

Meet Date Change:  Watertown Meet is now October 31.  Meet Schedule pdf (Calendars section) has been changed.

Swimmer Pick-up:  Parent's please pick-up swimmers within 15-minutes after conclusion of their practice.  A couple of times this has been 30+ minutes after practice.  Thank you!

SMS Messaging:  Each family should have this set-up in their account.  I've also told Juniors & Seniors to have this set up for their phones (if they receive text messaging).  You can set-up 2 cell numbers to each account.  Additionally, Individual swimmers can also set up a separate cell# by clicking their name in your account.  Directions for SMS Set-up:  1) Go to My Account;  2) In the top right side of your account click Set-Up SMS...follow the directions;  3) Individual Swimmers can set up their own SMS by clicking the swimmer name and click Set-up SMS and follow prompts;  4) For both #2 & #3, fill in the Cell Number and Cell Carrier in the pop up and click the Send button;  5) A pop up will say a text has been sent to the cell number for verification;  6) Check your cell phone for this message and note the Verification / Validation Code.  Note that some cell phone carriers can take a while to deliver this message;  7) Enter this number in the "Verification Code" field and click Verify.  This MUST be done for the number to be activated for use through OnDeck;  8) The cell number will appear in the box with the "Verified" checkbox.

Parent Group Meetings:  A parent from each family needs to attend their Group Meeting.  The Group Coach will lead this informational meeting covering such topics as practice & meet attendance recommendations, equipment needs for the group, general philosophy for the group, etc.  We plan for these to only last 30-minutes.  The schedule...Junior & Senior (Tuesday, 10/6, 5:30);  Platinum (Tuesday, 10/6, 6:00);  Gold (Thursday, 10/8, 5:00);  Silver (Thursday, 10/8, 5:30);  Bronze (Monday, 10/12, 6:15).

Have a great week!  Barry