Dragon Dash 1_2015

The Dragon Dash 1 was held last Saturday morning at the Cilandak pool. A record total number of swimmers participated in the Dragon Dash (and its Makeup held the previous Friday afternoon) - 249 swimmers in total! Excellent results were achieved by all at the first event of this semester! Many of our new swimmers are now well on their way to attaining achievement awards at the end of this Semester! CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you to all parents who volunteered their time to help run our meet. My apologies if anyone’s name was omitted! Without the help of parent volunteers, we would not be able to host meets and your children would not know the joy of participating and achieving personal best times. Special thanks to Imelda Tanoyo, Anu Marti, Makiko
Kawamoto, Wail Shaheen, Holger Seubert, Arun Samak, Bayu, Fanny and all our coaches
for stepping forward to work in key positions the entire morning!

Results are online and may be viewed as below:

i) Full meet results - go to Achievements Meet Results Dragon Dash 1;
ii) Dragon Dash Achievements - go to Achievements DD and NC Awards
iii)Your swimmer’s personal meet results - go to My Meet Results and click on your swimmer’s name;
iv)Go to Meet Mobile (or first download Meet Mobile to your Android or iOS device) and search for Dragon Dash 1_2015. A yearly fee (to Active Network) will need to be paid in order to receive full meet results from past meets. 

Thank you to our Dragon Dash 1 Volunteers!

Deddy Donauw             Diane Ngo             Shingo Kobayashi                Mari-Ann Roberson                Alan Jenviphakul
Krisha Melwani             Noriko Honda        Takeshi Hirono                      Djoko Labbaika                      Ryu Wansoo                 Renny                             Rina Liftenegger   Yuumi Kurihara                     Carolina Stureborg                Sooky Cho                     Imelda Tanoyo             Joyce Tendian        Holger Seubert                     
Monika Regenfuss                 Audrey McCollum         Darcie Hess                  Kate Schnieders     Ria Shah                                Mariette Schermers               Chieko Yano                 Masato Tachibana       Alf Goette                 Setiawaty Linardi                 Roger Watling                         Jenny Hartono               Marwa Elzein                Wayne Borduin       Huong Voy                            Collen Oorschot                     Anu Marti
Arun Samak                  Makiko Hori              Marc McCollum                    Maiko Kono                            Christian Zwach               Norma Bergaust          Tissy Martha            Anne May Rostoen              Annemarie Hellemans         Rochelle Ansell             Lukman Priosoetanto  Linda Morris           Roshni Topandasani           Alia Rolandi                           Agustinus Gunadharma Sarah Sutter                  Makiko Kawamoto Wail Shaheen